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Published:December 1st, 2015 17:33 EST

Driver Busted Drinking Beer Next to a Patrol Car

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Drinking a cold one in traffic rarely ends well.

It`s especially true when the car in the next lane is labeled "Orlando Police Department."

That`s how Edgar Cortes found himself in jail shortly before noon Saturday on charges of driving with an open container, carrying a concealed firearm and armed possession of pot with intend to sell, court records show."

Orlando Sentinel

If you`re a drug dealer carrying a firearm and transporting marijuana in your vehicle,

you would be well-advised to keep a low profile. Don`t do anything to call attention to yourself, for

example taking a nice long gulp from a cold bottle of beer when the car in the next lane is a police

cruiser is not a good idea. 

Cortes is a criminal who doesn`t know how to act so as not to arouse suspicions in the free world,

I bet he doesn`t know how to act behind bars either. This moron will probably will short shorts

in the Big House, and attract the interest of rapists. 

Moral of this story: Don`t be like Cortes, enjoy a cold one and hit the bong in the privacy of

your home, and you won`t end up behind bars waling bowl-legged.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia