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Published:December 8th, 2015 12:43 EST

Raccoon Scares Bejesus Out of Man Decorating Trees for Christmas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Ontario man decorating trees in his yard for Christmas shared video of an unwanted helper -- a curious and chubby raccoon -- taking over his ladder.
The video shows the rotund raccoon approach and begin to climb the ladder while the man stands at the top decorating a tree in his Mississauga yard.
The man attempts to shoo away the raccoon with commands of `no,` and `down,` but the curious critter continues to climb.
The man eventually gives up and surrenders the ladder to the raccoon."
You may question the masculinity of a man who decorates trees in his yard for Christmas, but if a raccoon climbed a ladder while I was on top, I would jump off. I`d rather suffer a broken leg than risk getting mauled by a raccoon.
I love animals, but raccoons are the meanest creatures on the face of the Earth, I give them a wide berth.
The man wisely surrendered the ladder to the raccoon; if a raccoon entered my house I would surrender my home to it.
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Photo Credit: Wikipedia