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Published:December 16th, 2015 15:07 EST

Alaskan Malamute Named Luca Sleeps With Stuffed Animal! Cuteness Overload!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Deep inside every dog is a grey wolf, but centuries of mutation and breeding has softened them up, according to a new study.


Case in point: An Alaskan Malamute named Luca.

She may look like a wolf, but the North Carolina sled dog likes nothing more than hanging out with her stuffed toy doppelganger.

They`ve been besties ever since Luca was a young pup and still love to spoon during nap time.

Luca tore through loads of toys in her lifetime, but her furry friend is still in mint condition."


When my pooch, Mandy, was a puppy I bought her many dog toys, and none of them lasted for more than a week. It`s a small miracle that Luca`s stuffed animal is still in pristine condition after all this time.

Luca is a big girl now but she still sleeps with her furry friend, I wonder if her owners have considered buying her a real puppy to keep her company and satisfy her maternal instincts?

Are you ready for an overload of adorableness? Check out these pics of Luca when she was a puppy, and Luca as she is now sleeping with her stuffed animal:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia