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Published:December 20th, 2015 11:03 EST

Officer Rescues Beaver on Busy Highway

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Caledonia police officer got a furry surprise on a call Wednesday near Johnson Park.

`It was the last thing I`d thought I`d see,` Officer Andrew Gelden said. `But there it was: a beaver in the roadway.`


A self-professed animal person, Gelden arrived on the scene, scooped up the beaver and put it in the back of his squad car.

The beaver did not appear to be injured, according to Gelden, and he quickly located a new home for the critter."

Journal Times

There are so many stories in the news about animal abuse, thank goodness that this article showcases the love that most people have for animals.

Kudos to the drivers who alerted the police that there was a beaver on the road, instead of just making a half-hearted attempt not to run it over.

Kudos to the police officer who scooped up the beaver, put it in the back of his squad car, and took the little creature to a nearby pond.

You may think I should have more important things to write about, but I like to spotlight individuals who are caring and loving to animals.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia