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Published:December 22nd, 2015 14:53 EST

Pothead Named Head Calls 911 for Rolling Papers

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Waynesboro Police Department said Kyle Dustin Head, 24, of Waynesboro, is believed to have been under the influence of marijuana early Thursday when he called 911 and asked a dispatcher to bring him rolling papers.


Two officers were dispatched to Head`s location and he was found sitting in a parked 2005 Chevrolet pick-up truck.

The officers detected the odor of marijuana and noticed the green leafy substance on Head`s clothing, the dash board of his truck, the passenger seat and in his right ear.

Police did speculate as to how marijuana ended up in the suspect`s ear, but the situation led them to announce a `pot head named Head has pot on head` in a news release."


In a perfect world the definition of "protect and serve" would include cops providing rolling papers to aficionados of the magical herb.

But the world is far from perfect, and the appropriately named Head was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Head was cited and immediately released; no doubt he bought rolling paper from his friendly neighborhood liquor store and went home, and rolled a fat blunt from his secret stash.

Moral of this story: The Man is a killjoy, if you run out of rolling paper don`t call 911 pay a crackhead a couple of bucks to go buy you some.

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