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Published:December 23rd, 2015 11:37 EST

Outrage: Principal Bans Hello Kitty Christmas Tree

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Ms. Gordon said she was told her Hello Kitty-themed Christmas tree was a symbol of one religion over another.


`The tree had no religious symbols on it whatsoever. No crosses or angels, just pink Hello Kitties,` she wrote on her Facebook page.

So this is where we are as a nation  -- a place where a teacher cannot decorate her classroom with a Hello Kitty-themed Christmas tree.

`In alignment with national and state standards, the Bangor School Department educates students about culture, traditions, and holidays through curriculum ties in English language arts, music, art, social studies and world languages,` the Bangor School Superintendent wrote in a statement. `Our focus is educating students to become global citizens with the necessary 21st century skills for college and career readiness for their future success.`"

Fox News

I can understand if a school district took offense at a teacher who set up a nativity scene in her classroom featuring a blond, blue-eyed infant as the Baby Jesus, but for school bureaucrats to get their panties in a twist over a Hello Kitty Christmas tree is ridiculous.

A Bangor School principal is giving ammunition to the religious conservatives who allege that liberals are waging a war against Christmas.

It is patently absurd to claim that a Hello Kitty Christmas tree bereft of Xmas ornaments or religious trinkets is giving Christianity precedence over all other religions.

A Christmas tree is an ancient pagan phallic symbol turned into a modern secular totem of the holiday season. I know atheists, Jews and Buddhists who celebrate the holidays by setting up a Christmas tree in their living rooms.  

Hello Kitty is a unifying force, everyone Muslims, Jews, Christians and Pastafarians love the iconic kitty. Thank goodness that common sense has prevailed, and Bangor High School principal Paul Butler has reversed his decision.

Merry Christmas to all my readers, may the transforming spiritual power of Hello Kitty be with you this Christmas.

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