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Published:December 28th, 2015 09:28 EST

Miranda Lambert is Anathema to Animal Lovers

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Here`s  `Somethin` Bad` for Miranda Lambert`s reputation as a friend to the furry.

The self-described animal lover`s fans slammed her as a hypocrite after she shared a photo Saturday of a luxurious Christmas present " a sleek, floor-length fur coat passed down from her grandmother.

`I`m so fancy... You already know` my Nonny gave me two of her fur coats!` the country crooner quoted Iggy Azalea`s Fancy in an Instagram photo flaunting the furs. `I definitely know where I got my love for DIAMONDS, FUR and WHISKEY!"

The New York Daily News

For a self-professed animal rights activist to post a pic on social media wearing a floor-length fur coat is hypocritical and obscene.

Lambert, you are anything but fancy, you are a disgrace to the animal rights movement.

Blake Shelton did the right thing kicking Lambert to the curb, country music fans and animal lovers need to follow his example, and boycott the shameless hussy.

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