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Published:January 1st, 2016 10:03 EST

Hairy Dude Makes Calendar Showcasing Back Hair Art! Repulsive Beyond Words!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Idaho man decided to turn his excessive body hair into a form of artistic expression by shaving designs into his back hair and compiling them in a calendar.


Tired of being ashamed of his back hair, Mike Wolfe, 35, decided to team up with his friend and former graphic designer Tyler Harding to turn his body hair into art by creating a Calendhair". The calendar features 12 photos of Wolfe sporting different back hair designs, each themed to match their respective month."


Men with hairy backs are repulsive, when I see a dude with a hairy back on the beach I have an almost uncontrollable urge to kill him, skin him alive, and toss his carcass into the ocean in the hopes that it will immediately by consumed by sharks.

Only a blind or a Neanderthal woman can be attracted to a man with a hairy back, these unfortunate men should be eliminated from the face of the Earth.

Mike Wolfe is so hairy he resembles a wolf, but he`s tired of being ostracized and ridiculed. He`s transformed his repulsive and hideous hairy back into a work of art by shaving designs into his back hair and compiling them into a calendar.

You be the judge, click the link to Mike`s calendar at the bottom of the page: Would you buy his calendar or would you be more inclined to burn Mike and his calendar?

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