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Published:January 4th, 2016 10:39 EST

Naked Hookers Chase Gunmen Through Hotel

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two prostitutes were forced to run through a hotel naked as they tried to catch gunmen who robbed them while they stripped off.


The pair were at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel and Conference Center in Georgia on Saturday, thinking they were being paid a visit by a perspective client.

The man entered the room and, after the group had discussed prices for around 10 minutes, a second suspect barged in with his weapon drawn.

The two men took $3,000 from one woman and $640 from the other before leaving the room. The women ran after the suspects while naked, but stopped when the men ran down the stairs."

Daily Mail

You may be sorry that you missed the spectacle of two naked hookers running through a hotel naked  -- you should be thanking God you missed out.

Prostitutes, even the upscale escort variety, are usually unattractive, horny gentlemen aren`t too particular about a harlot`s appearance, as long as her orifices are in working order.

It`s difficult to feel sympathy for the hookers, if you`re engaged in a sleazy business don`t expect your clients to be paragons of virtue.

Only money-hungry whores would run through a hotel butt-naked chasing armed men; I doubt the police will expend too much energy looking for the robbers.

Moral of this story: If you`re a working girl, encountering a gentleman with his weapon drawn is par for the course.

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