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Published:January 6th, 2016 11:13 EST

Cat Cafe Temporarily Closes Because It's Out of Cats

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The furry felines at Vancouver`s first cat cafe, Catfé, have been so popular with customers the shop has had to temporarily close.


The cafe, which opened in December, lets customers drink a coffee and visit with eight to 12 rescue cats.

The cats  provided by the BC SPCA are all up for adoption, and now, almost all of them have been."


I hate Starbucks; I`d rather undergo a root canal than sip coffee in a café infested with hipsters, smartphone addicts and other riff-raff.

However cat cafes are the best thing to ever happen to Western Civilization, if a cat café opened in my town I would spend all of my free time there. I`m not a misanthrope, but I`d much rather interact with cats than human beings.

Catfe is so popular that it had to temporarily close because all of the cats were adopted, but it`s not a catastrophe, it will soon reopen.

I`m thrilled the kitties found loving homes -- as far as I`m concerned there should be a cat café in every village, town and city in our great country.

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