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Published:January 8th, 2016 10:47 EST

$100 Gold-topped Donut an Abomination: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`I came up with a $100 doughnut,` said Bjorn De La Cruz, a self-trained chef who was born in the Philippines.

De La Cruz and his half-brother Samuel Ware both operate the Manila Social Club in Williamsburg. The tiny restaurant opened last spring and celebrates the Filipino heritage of the two brothers through cuisine.

However, with the latest creation, De La Cruz didn`t just take it one step further. He took his recipe and added a dash of vintage Cristal, some 24 karat gold edible flakes along with gold dust, slapped a $100 dollar price tag and elevated the donut to a completely new tax bracket."

PIX 11

The donut is the poor man`s cake, for about three bucks a working man can unwind after a hard day at work by drinking a cup of coffee and devouring a humble frosted donut with sprinkles.

To transform the treat of a dirt poor man into a delicacy that can only a filthy rich man can afford is an abomination.

I predict this publicity gimmick will backfire; De La Cruz and Samuel Ware should be tarred and sprinkled with gold flakes, run out of town, and thrown off a cliff.

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