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Published:January 8th, 2016 10:23 EST

Pooch Leads Police to Fellow Dog Trapped in Icy Embankment

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Massachusetts police credited a terrier in the rescue of another dog after the two escaped from their home.


A post on the Facebook page of the police department in Orange, Mass., said one of the escaped dogs repeatedly ran up to and barked at an officer before ultimately leading him to the other dog`s location.

The dogs had escaped from their home after their owner was taken to the hospital with a medical condition, prompting a police officer to search the neighborhood."


The trademark feature of a dog is his loyalty to his owner, and to his canine buddies. I know that my pooch, Mandy, would sacrifice her life to protect me from any danger.

Some people have an irrational fear of the police, but this pooch instinctively realized that cops are here to serve and protect, and he ran up to a police officer and barked at him until he led him to the other dog`s location.

The cop rescued the pooch from the icy embankment, both canines are in fine condition and they have been returned to their owner.

Moral of this story:

Police officers are our friends, they are here to serve and protect.

Dogs are loyal, faithful and wonderful pets, adopt a pooch today from your local animal shelter.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia