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Published:January 13th, 2016 15:09 EST

German Meals-on-wheels Charity Served Dog Food to Seniors

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A German meals-on-wheels charity apologized after three senior citizens were mistakenly served high-end dog food instead of human food.


The Osnabrucker Tafel charity in the town of Osnabruck said three senior citizens were mistakenly given high-end dog food manufactured by Santaniello. At least one of the seniors ate the food.

Another of the seniors told the charity they had started to heat up the dish, but decided not to eat it due to a foul odor.

The charity said workers mistook the Santaniello glass jars for human food due to the high-end labeling, which described the contents as venison and potatoes with garden vegetables."


It`s no surprise that Florida has the highest moist cat food sales in the nation, the state`s large population of retirees rely on cat food like college students thrive on Top Ramen noodles.

The senior citizens probably considered the gourmet dog food they were given by mistake, a step up from their usual diet of generic cat or dog food.

I spoil my pooch Mandy, I usually share my dinner with her, but when I buy her dog food, it`s always the high-end products, and it actually smells pretty good.

Bu seriously, I hope the meals-on-wheels charity makes up for their mistake by giving gourmet human food to the senior citizens who got gourmet dog food.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia