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Published:January 14th, 2016 11:17 EST

Hillary Clinton Dispatches Attack Dog Chelsea Clinton to Rip Into Bernie Sanders

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Chelsea Clinton is stepping onto the 2016 battlefield against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a shift that some Democrats are interpreting as a sign of trouble for her mother`s presidential campaign.


Making her first solo appearance on the stump, Chelsea Clinton late Tuesday ripped Sanders over his proposals on healthcare and college affordability, arguing the White House hopeful wants to dismantle ObamaCare and Medicare.

Democrats have almost universally panned the attack, believing it to be ineffective and a misuse of her talents."

The Hill

Hillary Clinton has a very intimidating persona; she cackles like a witch on crack, she has the fashion sensibilities of a butch lesbian, and the charisma of a wilted head of cabbage.

Her public relations staff has a formidable challenge trying to soften her image, and making her a palatable choice for the Democratic electorate.

Fortunately, Hillary has a young and intelligent daughter who in past campaigns has been used effectively as a surrogate to soften Hillary`s image.

The pregnant Chelsea reminds us that though Hillary may seem like a monster, she`s also a loving mother and a doting grandmother.

Chelsea should be out on the stump highlighting all the positive things her mother has accomplished in her long career as a lawyer, senator and Secretary of State.

Instead Chelsea has been unleashed as an attack dog; she ripped into Bernie Sanders, accusing the democratic socialist of seeking to destroy ObamaCare and Medicare. This line of attack is destined to fail, nobody believes in free health care for everyone more than Bernie Sanders.

By mercilessly attacking Sanders the only thing Chelsea is accomplishing is making voters wonder if she`s as morally unattractive as she is physically repulsive.

The American public has had enough of the corrupt Clinton clan, which now includes Chelsea, it`s time for a change, and it`s time for Bernie Sanders.   

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