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Published:January 19th, 2016 16:02 EST

Georgia Supreme Court to Consider How Much a Dog is Worth

By Robert Paul Reyes

"How much is man`s best friend worth? Today, the Georgia State Supreme Court will tackle that question when deciding the compensation for the death of an Atlanta couple`s dog.


According to court documents, Robert and Elizabeth Monyak boarded two of their dogs at Barking Hound Village in 2012. The couple claims the kennel administered the wrong medicine to Lola, a dachshund mix, while she was in their care, resulting in kidney failure and, eventually, death. The kennel denies any fault.

The Monyaks sued Barking Hound Village for negligence, fraud, and deceit (they claimed the kennel tried to cover up their mistake).  They sought to recover more than $67,000 in veterinary and emotion-based damages for the death of Lola.  Attorneys for Barking Hound Village argued the damages should be capped at Lola`s market value. They argued that value would be non-existent or nominal, because Lola was an 8-year-old mixed-breed rescue dog."

I paid a nominal fee for adopting my pooch, Mandy, from an animal shelter, but I wouldn`t give her up for a million bucks. Mandy is loyal, courageous, loving, and priceless.

The attorneys for Barking Hound Village who argue that the dog that was accidentally killed doesn`t have a value because he was a rescue should be disbarred for making such a ridiculous legal argument.

The kennel was criminally negligent, and if the Monyaks were compensated in the millions, it still wouldn`t be enough to mend their broken hearts.

I hope that the Georgia Supreme Court will issue a ruling that will ascertain the tremendous value of a dog.

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