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Published:January 27th, 2016 15:44 EST

Waffle House Taking Reservations for Romantic Valentine's Day Dinners

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Waffle House isn`t just a great place to eat after a late night out on the town, but now is offering a great place for lovers to experience a romantic evening for Valentine`s Day.


Now you and your significant other can have a romantic evening, with candle light, over some nice warm waffles, dripping with sweet syrup."


Waffle House diners are as ubiquitous as weeds in the South, and just as appetizing. When I`m hungry at two in the morning, there`s no need to dress up, I can take my pajama-clad ass to the Waffle House, and I will fit right in.

The Waffle House doesn`t have an elite clientele and no reservations are needed, as long as your pants` bottom isn`t soiled too badly with feces, you are more than welcome at the South`s favorite diner.

But if you want to take your trailer park hottie to the Waffle House on Valentine`s Day you will need a reservation  -- make sure to wear clean overalls and a clean T-shirt on that special day.

A Valentine`s Day dinner of hash browns and pancakes at the Waffle House with your girlfriend who`s just been given a clean bill of health by the free clinic  -- life doesn`t get much better in the South.

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