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Published:January 29th, 2016 11:38 EST

Man's Good Hearing Saves Cat Stuck in Pipe

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A cat named Bubbles apparently climbed through nearly 80 feet of pipe but got her head stuck in a small opening in a drain cover. She could have ended up stuck there for days.


The drain pipe is at a cattle auction site. A man who was at that auction thought he heard a strange noise, so he took a closer look.

Bubbles was taken to the vet and treated for scrapes and swollen eyelids, but she will be just fine."


A cattle auction is a noisy and exciting event; it`s a miracle that a sharp-eared man was able to hear a kitty meowing over the sounds of cows mooing and auctioneers barking.

I would have been so overwhelmed by the sensory overload (steaming manure, auctioneers on crack) that I wouldn`t have noticed the sounds of cats mating.

Thank goodness that Kendall Tobias, a regular buyer and seller at the Lake Odessa Cattle Auction not only heard the kitten meowing, but investigated.

Thanks to Tobias` sharp ear Bubbles survived her ordeal with just a few scrapes and swollen eyelids.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia