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Published:February 1st, 2016 09:40 EST

Snoop Dogg is the Most Beloved Artist in the World!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In case you didn`t know, the people love Snoop Dogg, so much so a Change.Org petition to get the beloved west coast rapper to narrate an entire season of Planet Earth has already merited a smooth 45,000 signatures.


Created by Kelly Ooton, the petition was directed to Animal Planet, Discovery Communication and The BBC and demands that Snoop D-O-double G be the voice behind nature`s most mystifying and awe-inspiring television show.

We the people have agreed " we want Snoop Dogg to narrate full episodes of Planet Earth! the petition reads.

The idea was birthed from a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch called Plizzanet Earth where Snoop adds his colorful, off the cuff commentary while watching footage of animals."


Rappers have an unsavory reputation, but Snoop Dogg`s appeal transcends generations and genres, everybody from babies who bounce to the beat of Drake to grannies who gently sway to the music of Bing Crosby love them some Snoop.

Snoop has the smoothest vibe on the planet, I could get high listening to him rapping or narrating a nature program.

Snoop is down with the idea of narrating Planet Earth, but then again he`s so laid-back that he`s down with practically anything.

Snoop should be the anchor of a network`s evening news program, his delivery is so smooth and calming that he could announce that the dictator of North Korea had just nuked South Korea and our reaction would be: Shizzle my dizzle, pass me the blunt!

Snoop for President of the United States

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