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Published:February 1st, 2016 17:17 EST
Stop Signs of Aging in its Tracks with Nexsey

Stop Signs of Aging in its Tracks with Nexsey

By SOP newswire2

Nexsey is a fun new product that stops signs of aging in its tracks without surgery. Nexsey is a medical grade tape designed for use as a temporary way to tighten the wrinkles on the neck and can be hidden behind your hair or collar.

"Once I began researching signs of aging and skin elasticity, it became obvious that even for women who had undergone a facelift, many still showed signs of aging in the neck area," said Creator Linda Gomez.

As we age, we experience many physical changes and not all women can afford or desire surgery. 

Gomez was looking for a way to help tighten the neckline without any need for expensive or painful procedures, and after a lot of experimenting with different options and adhesives, she created Nexsey.

Customers from all over the world are commenting about Nexsey.  As a 44 year old woman, I was starting to notice loose skin around my neck.  Nexsey is the perfect non invasive product to give your neck a more youthful appearance.  It definitely has helped my self confidence.  I highly recommend it. " -a Nexsey Customer. 

Gomez is also the inventor of Fullips Lip Enhancers and the Baby Boomer Beauty Blog, a platform for women to share inexpensive, non-invasive, non-medical tips for aging gracefully and looking good while doing so!

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