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Published:February 2nd, 2016 15:21 EST

Woman Demands Lifetime Supply of Kit Kats Over Waferless Packs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Some people consider the surprise of biting into a waferless KitKat to be a rare treat, but one woman is threatening legal action over a pack of the chocolate bars all missing their signature wafer.


Saima Ahmad, a 20-year-old law student from London, is demanding Nestle compensate her with a lifetime supply of KitKats over the error - or face her taking legal action.

The Kings College London undergraduate from Enfield, is claiming monetary and emotional loss over the incident and has tackled the confectionery giant with a letter quoting case law from the 1930s to back up her demand."

If there`s Halloween in heaven, I`m convinced the Almighty hands out Kit Kat candy bars. These heavenly treats consist of two or four fingers composed of three layers of wafer, separated and covered by an outer layer of chocolate.

I can only imagine this poor woman`s shock and bewilderment went she bit into a solid chunk of chocolate; a Kit Kat bar without the crunchy wafer is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly, a hot dog without mustard, or a birthday cake without the frosting.

The least that the Nestle Company can do for this hapless woman is compensate her for mental anguish by providing her with a lifetime supply of Kit Kat candy bars.

For God`s sake give this woman a break!

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