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Published:February 3rd, 2016 13:35 EST

Mother Dog Cares for Foster Puppies

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It was a one-night match made in heaven for a maternal dog and a pair of young rescue puppies at Barker`s Pet Motel and Grooming in St. Albert on Friday.


We see a lot of adorable things here at Barkers but this story takes the cake... Last night our newest foster puppies arrived from Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society - AARCS. Also staying with us right now is a dog who was recently adopted from the Humane Society who had her own puppies taken away about 2 weeks ago. Last night the mama dog (Maggie) must have heard the babies crying and let herself out of her kennel to lay next to their room ΓΆΒ"Β¤ We put them together for a while and all 3 of them were so happy!!!"

CBC News

Whenever I read a story about a mother abandoning her infant in a dumpster or on somebody`s porch, I wonder what life experiences could have caused her heart to harden to the point that she would throw away her baby like trash.

The animal kingdom has a lot to teach us about love, loyalty and maternal love. A dog that recently had her puppies taken away from her, naturally and instinctively gravitated towards a litter of puppies in need of motherly love.

If you`re a mother I hope this article will inspire you to hug your children tightly, and if you`re an animal lover I hope it will motivate you to adopt a puppy from your local animal shelter.

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