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Published:February 6th, 2016 16:33 EST

Cat Missing For a Year Found Living in Pet Food Warehouse

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A cat missing for more than a year has been reunited with his owner after he was found feasting in a pet food warehouse.


Norwegian Forest cat Clive vanished from his home in Toton, Nottinghamshire, in October 2014.

He was found at the Kennelgate Pet Superstores warehouse, about two miles away, where he had repeatedly set off the alarms during the night.

His owner Tanya Irons said she could not believe he was so porky".


When Clive first went missing his owner did her due diligence: Putting up flyers, alerting her neighbors, etc. But when she heard nothing she assumed that Clive had been taken in by a new owner, or he had extinguished one of his nine lives.

When a pooch runs away from home, longing for his owner quickly replaces his curiosity and sense of adventure, and he will try his best to find his way back home.

But when a cat goes missing, he will consider the first person who gives him a treat his new owner.

Watch the video at the bottom of this page, it`s apparent that Clive isn`t exactly overjoyed to be back home. He had a pretty good deal at the Kennelgate Pet Superstore, he had dozens of cat treats to choose from.

A much heavier Clive has been reunited with his loving family, let`s  hope that he`s too freaking fat to run away again.

Watch the moment Clive is reunited with his human family after 16 months missing:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia