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Published:February 7th, 2016 14:38 EST

Adorable Pooch Wipes Paws Before Going Inside

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The adorable dog is winning votes for politest pooch ever, as he always wipes his paws before going inside.


Video posted online Thursday shows him thoroughly cleaning his mucky feet on a mat."

Huffington Post

My pooch, Mandy has many virtues, she`s loyal, courageous, playful, and when I have to keep her inside when I leave for work because of inclement weather, she almost never makes a mess.

Mandy however is obsessive-compulsive about digging holes in my backyard. When I first moved into my home my backyard looked like the greens in a golf course, now it looks like a crackhead has gone to town with a front loader backhoe.

When Mandy comes in for the night I have to wash her paws, or my house will be as dirty as a mobile home owned by a clodhopper hillbilly.

I wish I could train my pooch to wipe her paws before going inside, but every man and every dog has got to know his limitations, and I`m too lazy to train Mandy and she`s too stupid (God bless her soul) to master such a trick.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia