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Published:February 8th, 2016 09:46 EST

Cam Newton: A Disgrace to the NFL! Peyton Manning: A Hero for the Ages! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Denver Broncos stunned the NFL world, beating the Carolina Panthers handedly in the Super Bowl 24-10, in a game that the Broncos seemingly dominated from beginning to end.


Needless to say, Cam Newton was not happy during his post-game press conference. But how unhappy he was, was a bit jarring.

After ignoring several questions and barely answering several others, Newton abruptly ended his session with the media by getting up and walking out."


It seems every wide receiver in the NFL has a signature celebration dance that he performs whenever he scores a touchdown. Quarterbacks, as the leaders of their teams, are more reserved and rarely engage in any histrionics.

Cam Newton has rewritten the book on quarterback etiquette on the gridiron, whenever he makes a great play, which is quite often, he daps, dances, and imitates Superman, basically he does everything to call attention to himself, except whip out his Johnson to mark his territory.

Newton is emblematic of the hip hop ethos: Braggadocios behavior that should be anathema in a team enterprise.

In the biggest game of his career Cam Newton was a complete flop, the Denver Broncos led by a 39-year-old legend who was only a shadow of his former self destroyed the heavily favored Carolina Panthers.

If anyone has earned the right to dab and dance after every great play it`s Peyton Manning who owns just about every quarterback record in the book, but he lets his play on the field do all the talking.

If you`re going to strut up and down like a peacock after scoring a touchdown, you should man up and face the music after a horrible game.

Newton`s post-game press conference performance speaks for itself, watch this video and I`m sure that you will be as thrilled as I am that the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia