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Published:February 11th, 2016 10:28 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Keith Johnson, Author of Windows 10 Productivity Guide

Judyth Piazza interviews Keith Johnson, Author of Windows 10 Productivity Guide

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Why did you write the Windows 10 Productivity Guide?

Interviewer: Judyth Piazza from the SOP
Interviewee: Keith Johnson, Technology Author

Judyth: Hi Keith - Happy belated New Year 2016. You recently wrote a book called the Windows 10 Productivity Guide. Why? Aren`t there already other books out there about Microsoft Windows 10?

Keith: Hello Judyth! Thank you for your time and this interview. While there are other books already written about Microsoft Windows 10, you will find most of them covering only the most popular features - like Cortana, the new Edge browser, and Hello secure login. My book covers the entire scope of Windows 10 from head to toe. So, you get my input on all apps, all aspects of navigation, all Settings, etc. That is the motivating force - to provide something that the market has yet to truly deliver on.

Judyth: I also noticed that your book is super inexpensive. Can you please comment on this?

Keith: Yes, Judyth. The paperback is $19.95, much cheaper than many other Windows 10 paperbacks printed by major publishing houses. Both the PDF and ePUB (electronic) versions are only $1.99 and this is much much cheaper than many of my competitors who are selling their books for around nine or ten dollars. The greatest act of sincerity and humility on the part of an author is to bring a work of high quality to the public marketplace for a very fair and inexpensive price. I want everyone to be able to enjoy my new book.

Judyth: Where can readers get the book?

Keith: Right now at my page (
Within a few weeks, the Windows 10 Productivity Guide will be on many sites across the web in paperback, PDF, and ePUB formats for your reading convenience. 

Judyth: Thanks Keith for answering my questions.

You are most welcome Judyth. Keep up the great work with the SOP!