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Published:February 16th, 2016 15:27 EST

Hillary Clinton Barks Like a Dog! Internet Goes Wild! Videos!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Few can accuse the former secretary of State of being too scripted on the campaign trail Monday in Nevada. First, Clinton compared pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli to a bad blind date. Then, she barked like a dog.

Seriously. Here`s the context: Clinton was actually telling a story about an ad featuring a dog who was supposedly trained to bark whenever someone told a lie."

USA Today

Hillary`s intention may have been to ridicule the propensity of the Republican candidates to lie on the campaign trail, but the image of her barking certainly doesn`t do her any favors. If she wins the Democratic nomination for president there`s no doubt that the image of her barking will be used in the general election.

Republican candidates insinuate that Hillary is too old and too ugly to run for president, the video of her barking like a dog leaves the indelible impression that she`s ugly as a dog.

Many of Hillary`s detractors call her a bitch in private conversations, but nobody, except maybe Donald Trump, will ever dare call her a bitch in public. Now there`s no need for them to call her that misogynist word, they can simply run the clip of her imitating a female dog.

Hillary you stupid witch!

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