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Published:February 19th, 2016 11:31 EST

Woman, 81, Rams Purse Snatchers With Her Car! Bravo!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A pair of purse snatchers in Pennsylvania were met with some unexpected resistance as an elderly woman rammed into their getaway car in an attempt to reclaim her belongings.

Alice Makla, 81, chased down the thieves and damaged their car after they snatched her purse from her Mount Pocono driveway."


I can`t wait until I`m a septuagenarian or an octogenarian, old folks have earned  the right to get away with murder.

When I`m an old coot if a young punk breaks into my house I will make him eat my shotgun and then blast him straight to hell. There isn`t a jury that would convict me of a felony, at the worst I would get my wrist slapped.

These creeps asked the  precious old lady for $10 in gas money, and she gave them $20. When she opened her purse and they saw a wad of cash, they snatched her purse and drove away.

I implore senior citizens to follow the example of this righteous old lady and go Medieval on crooks and thieves. Run them down with a car, blow them away to hell, you have a special dispensation to unleash holy vengeance that the rest of us don`t enjoy. 

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