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Published:February 25th, 2016 08:47 EST

Internet Goes Wild Over Alyssa Nelson at Miami Heat Game: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Goran Dragic may have been on fire during Miami Heat`s Monday match with the Indiana Pacers, but his spotlight was stolen by a fan cheering from the sidelines in a sexy black romper.

FOX411 reports that the mystery woman was caught on camera jumping with glee after Dragic`s layup and giving everyone an HD close-up view.

Netizens later identified the woman as Instagram model Alyssa Nelson.

YouTube video description

When the drop-dead gorgeous blonde dressed in a skin-tight black outfit jumped in celebration after a Heat basket, lucky viewers at home jumped in glee after being exposed to her ample bosom.

Alyssa Nelson came closer to breaking the Internet with her marvelous boobs than Kim Kardashian did with her naked humongous butt.

The Miami Heat would be well-advised to pay Alyssa Nelson $10,000 every time she attends a game, certainly she`s easier on the eyes than Dragic.

I`m not a Miami Heat fan or an NBA fan, but I`m now a fan of Alyssa for life.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia