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Published:February 29th, 2016 10:03 EST

#Trumpyourcat Gone Viral on Social Media! For the Love of God Don't Trump Your Kitty!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The only thing many netizens presumably love just as much as cat photos is poking fun at Donald Trump, and now the two have collided in a bizarre mash-up.

#Trumpyourcat is taking off on social media, in case you hadn`t heard, with internet pranksters posting photos of cats that resemble the bombastic billionaire.

The trend began on Donald Purrump social media accounts with the tagline: Trump your cat, just don`t Trump America ."

The Telegraph

I love my cat  Tico, and I would never muss up the fur on top of his head to make him resemble Donald Trump just  to make a political statement. This #Trumpyourcat trend comes perilously close to animal cruelty.

This trumping of cats is an outrage, but imagine the nightmare that out democracy will become if America becomes trumped.

People please, don`t trump poor innocents cats, and for the love of God don`t trump America by voting for the billionaire blowhard.

Pics of trumped felines: