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Published:March 4th, 2016 12:08 EST

Police Post Lost-and-found Ad for Bag of Meth

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Macedonia Police Department posted this message on Facebook, which includes photos of the bag of meth:

LOST!!!  To the person or person(s) who left all his/her small baggies in the garbage can at a certain Highland Road hotel. In your haste to throw them away, you also tossed your baggy of Crystal Meth!! We are sure this was done as an accident and the PD feels horrible for your loss. Please contact us, or better yet, come in and see us. We all know the emptiness inside when we lose something so valuable. We also know the feeling of relief when that lost item is found..Come on in and let us make your day!!"

I`ve left behind cell phone chargers, books, hats, and many other items in motels, but never any controlled substances.

I wouldn`t be surprised if the meth head who accidentally threw away the bags of meth shows up at the police station to claim them. Meth heads lose not only their teeth, but their brain cells as well.

Word to the wise: If you accidentally toss away your baggy of Crystal Meth, that`s a sign that the drug is rotting your brain and you need to get your toothless butt to rehab.