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Published:March 15th, 2016 09:17 EST

Pink Elephant Spotted in Kruger National Park

By Robert Paul Reyes

A pink elephant was spotted in South Africa. The calf is believed to be albino, which is an incredibly rare sighting in African elephants. The baby was spotted with its mom at Kruger National Park by Nicki Coertze, who was on a safari with his family. The 58-year-old tells Caters News Agency that he`s been visiting the park since he was a child and has never seen such a unique elephant.

YouTube video description

Baby elephants are adorable, but they are a dime a dozen, and I highlight adorable and unique creatures, here for your video enjoyment is a pink baby elephant.

You can`t ignore the elephant in the room, especially when it`s pink, even its eyes are pink.

This pink elephant is an albino, and its pink eyes are extremely sensitive to sunlight, maybe a vet can prescribe sunglasses for him -- now that would be an overload of cuteness.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia