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Published:April 14th, 2016 14:00 EST

Rory the Dashboard Cat is the Coolest Cat in the World: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Forget hula girls and plastic Jesus figures... this car has something way cooler on the dashboard: The world`s calmest kitty."

Huffington Post

Some folks seek protection from giving in to road rage by placing a hula girl, a toy dog with a bobbing head or a plastic Jesus on the dashboard.

But nothing will sooth your nerves during your morning commute quite like having Rory the Dashboard Cat on your dashboard.

This kitty is the epitome of cool, the only thing that will de-stress you quicker is a fat blunt, but you don`t want to be pulled over for driving under the influence.

Just watching a video of Rory chilling out will do wonders for your mental state

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia