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Published:April 17th, 2016 09:48 EST

Bellini the Hermaphrodite Kitten is a Cutie Pie

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Workers at a Cats Protection home were astounded after finding out a kitten handed in to them is a hermaphrodite, with both female and male organs.

Nine-week-old Bellini, who was thought to be male, was taken in by one of the charity`s adoption centres in St Helens in February along with its siblings when just a few days old.

Staff are still scratching their heads about how to refer to the cat, and have said they will leave the decision up to whoever adopts the black kitten."


Is Bellini a boy or a girl? Will she/he need gender reassignment surgery? What pronouns should we use to refer to Bellini? Does Bellini suffer from gender dysphoria? Should the person who adopts Bellini buy a pink or a blue litter box? Will Bellini get her own reality TV show? Is the publicity whore Caitlyn Jenner/Bruce Jenner going to adopt Bellini to elicit even more attention? Does Bellini prefer to be called a hermaphrodite or an intersex individual?

Who the hell knows, the only thing that`s certain is that Bellini is a cutie pie!

Pic of Bellini: