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Published:April 18th, 2016 11:08 EST

Donald Trump Threatens to Sue Artist Who Painted Micro Penis Trump Portrait

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Painting a nude Donald Trump portrait was scary enough " but now a Los Angeles artist might be sued for it.

The creative mind behind the infamous painting of Trump in the buff " and with a tiny penis " says Trump`s legal team has threatened a lawsuit over her dismaying depiction of GOP presidential front-runner.

`I don`t believe I did anything wrong,` artist Illma Gore told the Daily News."

The New York Daily News

This is a follow up to my article:

Illma Gore`s Nude Painting of Donald Trump Simply Horrifying! Micro Penis From Hell!

When Donald Trump is criticized or ridiculed, his standard response is to threaten a lawsuit, whether or not he has legal grounds to stand on.

The billionaire hopes that the threat of endless litigation will discourage pundits, reporters and artists from creating unflattering portrayals of him.

Like any artist worth her salt Gore isn`t easily intimidated, and I wouldn`t be surprised if she paints an even more grotesque portrait of Trump.

If I had any artistic talent I would paint Trump with a pursed sphincter for a mouth, a worm for a penis, cotton candy for hair, and the hands of a baby.

Since I am artistically-challenged, I will just continue to savage him with my words.

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