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Published:April 23rd, 2016 11:14 EST

Mother Cat Takes Orphan Puppy into Her Care: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The tan puppy was just a couple of days old when its mother was fatally struck by a car in Detroit.

That landed Bobby, the tiny Chihuahua pup, in a shelter, where workers quickly placed him with the only nursing mother available " a cat named Gwen. And, as shown by photos and a video, Bobby managed to fit right into his new feline family, nestling right up to his new mom and her litter of kittens and taking his turns at getting mother`s milk."

Detroit Free Press

A Chihuahua is fatally struck by a car in the mean streets of Detroit, rendering her two-day-old puppy an orphan. This story, unlike most of the incidents that take place in the Motor City, has a happy ending.

The brainiacs at an animal shelter placed the tiny Chihuahua puppy, named Bobby, with a nursing cat, and the kittens and Momma cat accepted the little doggie as one of the family.

This adorable family gives a new meaning to a "blended family."

The Humane Society is hoping an animal lover will adopt Mom cat, her kittens and the puppy as a group, after all it would be inhumane to separate this loving family.

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