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Published:April 23rd, 2016 11:33 EST

Suki the Cat Can Now Meow and Yawn After Operation

By Robert Paul Reyes

"She struggled to miaow and yawn and had to nibble on food because her jaw would open no more than 1mm.

But Suki the cat now chomps away on her meals and can be heard happily meowing after surgery to open her jaw.

Owner Cathy Watkins and partner Phil Paoloni, 50, raised £2,310 to take Suki to the New Forest Veterinary Dental Service, in Exeter, for the surgery."

Wales Online

I have two cats, Tico and Ebony, and they are always meowing for food, or yawning contentedly after a meal. I simply can`t imagine a cat that`s unable to meow or yawn, those activities define a feline.

I can  understand why Suki`s owners made it their mission to raise enough money so that their beloved cat could have surgery that would enable her to meow and yawn.

Everything is right with the world, Suki can now eat, meow and yawn!

Link to video and pics of Suki: