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Published:May 1st, 2016 08:58 EST

Now Your Pet Can Poop at the JFK Airport Pet Potty

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Kennedy Airport may be in the toilet for fliers, but now it`s No. 1 with their pets.

The airport last week opened a pet potty " complete with fake grass and a red fire hydrant in Terminal 4. And the single-stall bathroom, which is decorated with paw prints and lined with Epoxy and waterproof turf, is already making jet-setting pet owners purr.

`We had some privacy, and he did his job. He wasn`t afraid here,` said Aliyah Sharifullin of her 2-year-old mixed-breed cat, Thirteen, after she took him into the room to do his business.

New York Post

Most of us are so sick of the toilet wars that we would like to flush the controversy down the toilet. Our nation may never decide whether or not a transgender individual should be allowed to use the restroom that corresponds with his or her gender identity.

But cats and dogs, usually implacable enemies, have no problem using a bathroom that`s open to all pets.

How can a pooch resist a pet potty that comes complete with fake grass and a red fire hydrant? Even fussy felines have no problem using the pet potty.

Some might say that Kennedy Airport has gone to the dogs, but I say that it`s about time that restroom accommodations were provided for man`s best friend.

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