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Published:May 6th, 2016 20:59 EST

Female Chinese Live-streamers Banned From Seductively Eating Bananas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Chinese live-streaming video websites announced female broadcasters are being banned from seductively eating bananas as part of a crackdown on pornography.


Female live-streamers are also being banned from wearing stockings and suspenders while appearing on camera.

The Ministry of Culture announced last month that it was probing the live-streaming sites to do away with violent and pornographic content that harms social morality."


Sometimes a banana is just a banana, but the Commi censors see phallic symbols everywhere.

I would guess women seductively eating cucumbers and hot dogs are prohibited as well, although men apparently are free to live-stream themselves enjoying bananas and other penis-shaped food items.

What`s up with the prohibition against women wearing suspenders? Do the totalitarian overlords consider suspenders male attire, and thus cross-dressing which is a mortal sin in a communist country?

I`m OK with doing away with violent and pornographic content from social media platforms, but banning women from eating bananas? Really? That shi* is bananas!

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia