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Published:May 6th, 2016 10:34 EST

Thieves Steal $60 Bibles From Christian Bookstore

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police are hunting for a pair of thieves who stole nearly $500 worth of Bibles from a Christian bookstore in Massachusetts.

Cops in West Springfield report that the shoplifters boosted the Good Books Saturday evening from the Morning Star bookstore. The suspects swiped eight Bibles, each of which cost $60.

According to its web site, the Morning Star chain `provides resources for all Christian denominations` and stocks a `wide selection of Bibles, artwork, gifts, church resources, prayer shawls, anointing oil, plus thousands of books, DVDs, and CDs.`"

The Smoking Gun

To steal a Gideon bible from a motel after knocking boots with a hooker is one thing, to steal a bible from a Christian bookstore is another.

On a side note a $60 bible is an abomination, I`m sure Jesus would eschew a gilded $60 bible, and preach from a cheap paperback bible.

Folks might not care about the provenance of a large screen TV that some dude is selling from the trunk of his car for only $60, but who would buy an expensive bible from a shady character?

I hope these thieves crack open one of the bibles before they try to get rid of them, I`m sure there`s something there that reads "Thous shalt not steal."

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