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Published:May 13th, 2016 20:50 EST

Cat Faces Off With Snake Being Eaten by a Frog: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A cat in Thailand engaged in a bizarre standoff with a snake that was being eaten by a frog.


A group of bystanders filmed the strange encounter as the cat slowly approached the pair while the frog sat patiently with the snake in its mouth."


You think you have it bad, consider the predicament of this hapless snake who is slowly being eaten by a frog while a cat is swatting at it, and to add insult to injury there`s a crowd of humans laughing at the helpless viper.

Most of the action involves the cat swatting at the snake, and the snake attempting to bite it.

The frog has his hands full with the snake, or should I say his mouth full, and is seemingly oblivious to the epic fight between the cat and the snake.

In terms that humans can understand this is like having Rosie O`Donnell sitting on you, while Oprah Winfrey is kicking you in the head with her designer stiletto heels.

Some days it just doesn`t pay to get out of bed.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia