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Published:May 17th, 2016 17:13 EST

Will Donald Trump Get a Penis Transplant? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A hospital in Boston has become the first in the US to perform a successful penis transplant, doctors said, calling the operation a surgical milestone.

Thomas Manning, 64, received the donated organ three years after his penis was amputated due to penile cancer.

He is the third man worldwide to have had the experimental surgery performed.

The patient is expected to regain normal urination and sexual function in the next few months."


Thomas Manning is recuperating nicely, but he still feels a little bit stiff. Of course, once he is fully recovered he`s really going to feel stiff.

Donald Trump must be reading this story with great interest, we live in a world where money can buy everything, even a nice new big penis.

Everybody knows that Donald Trump has a big mouth and tiny hands, and we all know that a man with small hands has a micro penis.

Donald Trump is filthy rich and he can afford this experimental and expensive operation, but if he undergoes a penis transplant will he also need new larger hands, so that the ladies will know that he is packing some real heat in his drawers?

There has to be a well-endowed porn star who donated his organs, or maybe Caitlyn Jenner can be persuaded to donate his penis now that he fancies himself a lady.

Little Marco will no longer be able to make jokes about big Donald Trump.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia