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Published:May 19th, 2016 17:55 EST

Blake Lively Has an L.A Face and an Oakland Booty! Sir Mix-A-Lot Agrees! Racist My As*!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Blake Lively`s channeling of Sir Mix-A-Lot for an Instagram caption is causing a stir on social media.

Lively posted side-by-side front and back shots of herself on the red carpet in Cannes, France, with the caption, `L.A. face with an Oakland booty,` a line from rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot`s 1992 hit, Baby Got Back.

The post has received more than 600,000 likes, but is also generating a flurry of comments. Some commenters say the actress` post is racially insensitive."

Fox News

Anybody who thinks Blake Lively`s Instagram caption is racially insensitive can kiss my as*. Politically correct tomfoolery is running roughshod over freedom of speech and common sense.

Instead of being commended for her racial inclusiveness for paying homage to a rap icon, Lively is being denigrated as a racist -- how pathetic.

Hip hop star Sir Mix-a-Lot likes Lively`s butt, and he cannot lie. If the king of booty rap has no problems with Lively channeling him, neither should anybody else.

An L.A face with an Oakland booty is my description of the ideal woman. Baby got back (without the sistah girl attitude), what more could a man want?

Pic of Liveley (front and back):