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Published:May 20th, 2016 11:38 EST

Meet Fang, the Vampire Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

"With teeth big enough to rival Count Dracula`s and just one eye, Fang is quite possibly the world`s most unfortunate looking cat.

But despite his appearance, the two-year-old Persian has proven to be a big hit after he was put up for adoption.

Daya Hall-Stratton, 23, and her boyfriend Ethan, 22, adopted Fang two months ago from a local vets after a previous owner wanted to put him down."

Daily Mail

When I went to the animal shelter I had a difficult time choosing a kitty to bring home, because they were all so adorable. Felines are so cute and cuddly, that it`s almost impossible to resist the urge to pick them up and hug them.

But Fang the kitty isn`t quite so adorable, he lost an eye to a feline herpes virus, and his teeth resemble fangs. But even cats who aren`t outwardly beautiful, are irresistible because of their engaging personality.

Fang was adopted by a loving couple who spoil their unique kitty. There may not be a Count Dracula cat at your local animal shelter, but there are dozens of cats in need of a forever home.