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Published:May 23rd, 2016 10:14 EST

Don't Sleep in the Subway

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Here`s another reason to not sleep on the subway.
Video captured aboard a 7 train in Manhattan shows a rat crawl up an apparently clueless, sleeping man. When the rodent makes his way to the man`s neck, he wakes up and shrieks in horror, the video shows."

NBC News

Don`t sleep in the subway, darlin`, don`t stand in the pouring rain
Don`t sleep in the subway, darlin`, the night is long
Forget your foolish pride, nothing`s wrong
Now you`re beside me again

New Yorkers know that you don`t sleep in the subway -- you might be mugged, raped, beat up, videotaped, suffer a makeover from hell by a transvestite, or urinated on by a homeless person.

As if you needed another reason not to sleep on the subway. This man wakes up screaming like a schoolgirl when a rat climbs up to his neck.

Don`t sleep in the subway darling, you`ll wake up to a freaking nightmare!

Link to video: