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Published:May 24th, 2016 14:24 EST

Pig Runs Down Sidewalk During Hailstorm? Sign of the Ends Times? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Montana man shooting video of a hailstorm in Billings ended up documenting a porcine surprise: an escaped pig running down the sidewalk during the storm.

Rick Lindholm of Billings was filming the hail falling from the sky Saturday in Billings when the unexpected pig came running into his camera`s frame.

`In the middle of a thunderstorm and what is this? It`s a pig!` Lindholm exclaims, followed by amused laughter."


Hailstorms scare the Bejesus out of me, if hail is raining down from the heavens you will find me on my knees beseeching the Almighty for the nightmare to come to an end.

If I witness a pig running down the sidewalk during the storm, I will beg God to kill me before He unleashes Armageddon. Demons have a penchant for possessing pigs (read the Gospels), and if you see a pig running down the road during a hellish hailstorm you can be sure that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse can`t be too far behind.

Lindholm was amused by the sight of the pig running in the hail, I`m glad someone finds a sign of the End Times humorous.

Where did this piglet escape from? The pit of hell?

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