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Published:May 28th, 2016 21:20 EST

Judge Puts Mouthy Female Lawyer In Her Place! Justice Prevails!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Nevada public defender was handcuffed alongside inmates in jail clothing in court Monday after a judge accused her of interrupting him while she argued on behalf of her client, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported."



The public defender, Zohra Bakhtary, was trying to convince the judge that her client shouldn`t serve a six-month jail sentence for violating parole. Bakharty appealed to the judge: But there has to be some leniency in this court.

Judge Conrad Hafen correctly answered: No, there doesn`t. But like a typical woman the public defender continued to flap her gums.

Leniency had already been extended to Bakhtary`s low-life client. Parole is the provisional release of a prisoner who agrees to certain conditions prior to the completion of the maximum sentence period. Her client was fully cognizant that violating his parole meant that he would likely serve his original sentence.

Extending leniency to this habitual criminal would have meant putting the public`s safety in danger.

A man, even in this politically-correct age, can only stand so much, and the longsuffering judge finally ordered his deputy to handcuff the mouthy lawyer.

I only fault the judge for not maintaining proper courtroom etiquette; he shouldn`t have referred to the public defender by her first name. He should have instructed the deputy: Sir, please handcuff Ms. Bakhtary and duct tape her mouth shut.

Bakhtary should learn her place, democracy doesn`t prevail in a courtroom, any lawyer, male or female, would be well-advised to follow a judge`s admonitions.

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