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Published:June 3rd, 2016 11:43 EST

Sparrow Appears to Revive Friend With CPR

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A sparrow in India was caught on camera appearing to give CPR to a distressed cohort and the brave bird was successful in reviving the seemingly deceased avian.

The video, recorded May 24 in Vijayawada, shows a sparrow standing over a second sparrow that appears to be dead or unconscious on a business` front stoop.

The panicked sparrow gives the unconscious bird what appears to be the avian version of CPR, complete with chest compressions and beak-to-beak resuscitation.

The seemingly departed sparrow then wakes up, revealing it is still alive, and flies away with its rescuer."


You may think this story is for the birds, but I hope it will motivate you to learn CPR

If a bird can successfully perform CPR, even a birdbrain like you can manage to do it.

I`ve been CPR certified for decades, and I`ve always hoped that I can use my training to save a human life. I`m so anxious to save a life that if I find an unconscious bird on the street I may try to resuscitate it.

But in all seriousness, please contact your local Red Cross, and enroll in a CPR class.

Link to video: