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Published:June 4th, 2016 16:43 EST

Today is 'National Hug Your Cat Day'

By Robert Paul Reyes

According to a recent study dogs don`t like hugs; a hug induces stress in a canine. This study was shocking, my pooch is very affectionate, and I reward good behavior with a pat on the head, and sometimes a hug.


We don`t need any studies to enlighten us that cats hate hugs, invade a feline`s personal space at your own risk.

It must have been a sadist who invented "National Hug Your Cat Day"; I bet the sale of bandages skyrockets on this day.

Cats are so adorable, and it`s almost impossible to resist the urge to hug them, but for our physical wellbeing we must resist the urge, even on "National Hug Your Cat Day." 

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia