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Published:June 9th, 2016 09:40 EST

Adorable Viral Video Depicts Boy Hugging a Dog on the Sneak

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It had all the makings of the perfect crime.

Boy pulls up on his bike to an empty home, garage door open, security camera on. Boy sprints into the garage, stays for a few precious seconds and sprints back out. Did he turn on the water hose? Steal an expensive tool? Worse?


Security footage tells another story.

The boy, Josh Breaux, who was heartbroken after his dog died, made the sprint into the garage simply to hug Duchess, the friendly dog that lived there."

Fox News

Security footage usually captures criminals performing dastardly deeds, but this homeowner`s camera captured a small boy running into an open garage door so he could hug the pooch who lived there.

The boy, Josh Breaux, heartbroken after his dog died, simply wanted to steal the affection of the friendly dog.

The homeowner would be well-advised not to leave his garage door open, the next person who sneaks in might be a burglar, and not a dog-loving boy.

Josh`s parents would be well-advised to teach him that it`s never acceptable to enter another person`s property without their permission. I would also advise them to buy their kid another dog.  

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