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Published:June 10th, 2016 12:01 EST

German Cat Commercial Will Blow Your Mind!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Flo the Progressive insurance spokesperson acts progressively more annoying with each new ad, political commercials get nastier as Election Day draws closer, and car commercials seem to get louder every day. If I see one more obnoxious commercial I`m going bonkers.

Are you as sick of commercials as I am? Here`s a commercial for a Danish discount grocery store that was created for the company`s German stores, that is guaranteed to blow your freaking mind.

It depicts cats pushing mini shopping carts, and wandering around a grocery store shopping and looking absolutely adorable. It makes me want to move to Germany just so I can patronize this grocery store chain, out of gratitude for producing such a wonderful commercial.

The only drawback is that the commercial is filled with techno music that features a strange meow noises. I don`t mind the meows, it`s the techno music that drives me up the wall. I`m convinced that the only music playing in hell is EDM.

Watch this divine commercial, mute the sound and play some Snoop Dogg or Cypress Hill:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia